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hello everyone! :D 

i’m going to keep this brief: in honor of reaching 2,000 followers, i am going to give someone two books!!! here are the rules!

  1. please be following me.
  2. you may like/reblog to enter.
  3. this giveaway is international.
  4. it is open until august 22nd.
  5. winner must respond within 24 hours.
  6. books will be paperback, unless hardcover is the only option available.
  7. if you want a sequel/different book by one of these authors, i will happily get you that instead.
  8. and yeah! good luck :D

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I know she’s the bitchy one. But she’s a good girl. The funny thing is she’s not like a normal character on one of these types of shows. Usually the bad girl is the bitch. It’s interesting and she’s actually a real girl. Of course she does and says the most outrageous things that you would never even think to do in real life.

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